Ekademeia offers the best worldwide annual update in your medical speciality.
Ekademeia spreads the voices of the top experts, specialists and influencers in the medical world, with the goal to establish a common debate that all members of the Ekademeia community can take part in.
1 Director pER Trimester (4 in total)
(divided into 120 capsules)
10 EXPERTS pER Trimester
(40 in total per program)

The program will be divided into 4 Trimesters, a total of a year. The first program will take place in April 2022.

Each Trimester is composed of 10 themes, which are divided into 9 lectures and 3 Q&A sessions, a total of 120 training capsules. (20 training hours).

An expert will introduce each subject and a director in that field will be in charge of the topics to be discussed as well as developing the scientific program for that trimester.

The training will be accredited by the competent European and American Associations.

The objective is to create a community where there will be a interactive communication. The attendees and the speakers will interact, enriching the experience of all participants.

A space will be provided for all members where they can incorporate documentation and information relevant to the community.

1200 min.

120 min of content per trimester per expert

90 min lecture capsules
30 min Q&A capsules

20 h.

1200 min (20 hours) of content in total per trimester.

80 h.

4800 min (80 hours) of content in total per program.
Subject area

There will be 90 minutes of presentations + 30 minutes of Q&A. The format will be online, with the sessions pre-recorded. This 90 minute lecture will be broken down into 9 capsules each 10 minutes long + 3 Q&A capsules each 10 minutes. 

In the Q&A sessions each speaker will answer queries that they have received from the members during the previous weeks.

Additional material will be made available to members to complement the training.