Psychiatrist and researcher, UMC Utrecht Brain Centre Rudolf Magnus, The Netherlands

Dr. Albert Batalla is psychiatrist and researcher at the UMC Utrecht, in the Netherlands. He was born in Barcelona (Spain), where he completed the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Autonomous University of Barcelona; 2017 Extraordinary Award of Bachelor), the training as psychiatrist (2012) and his PhD on the relationship between cannabis and psychosis (University of Barcelona; 2014). Since 2018 he works at the Diagnosis and Early Psychosis Unit at the UMC Utrecht, where he leads the Care Program Substance Use & Psychosis. His primary goal is prevention and integration of addiction treatment, while enhancing patient participation, education and translational and innovative research, like the study of cannabinoids, eHealth and lifestyle interventions.

Albert is since 2020 chairman of the Addiction Section of the Dutch Psychiatric Association (NVvP), and editor at De Jonge Psychiater. He is also senior lecturer at two nationwide postgraduate degrees in addiction at the Radboudumc (the Dutch Training in Addiction Medicine, NOVA; and the Addiction Psychiatry Course for specialists in psychiatry, Leertraject Verslavingspsychiatrie), and is involved in several teaching activities, including several curricula (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Psychiatry training), masterclasses and courses (Psyfar, RINO Groep) in the Netherlands and abroad. He is involved in international projects (e.g. ENIGMA consortium), has published several articles, book chapters, and is a reviewer of international journals.


Albert Batalla